Rob was born and raised in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, although is now based in London. 

Studying Fine Art for many years thoughout College, Rob finally decided to concentrate on his love of Photography once he realised he wasn’t the second coming of Picasso, and graduated with a degree in Photography from Nottingham Trent University.

He now regularly works with well known performers and people in the public eye, and with his relaxed and collaborative approach, he creates authentic images of ease and fun and is not afraid to experiment.

He has a passion for shooting in a documentary fashion and implements this in all of his work, attempting to represent the truth of whichever situation he finds himself in, and to honestly portray the characters of his collaborators.

His work has been published in numerous magazines, from shooting the covers for
Q Magazine & Screen International, to being personally commissioned by the likes of Iggy Pop, Underworld, Editors and Róisin Murphy to name a few.

His commercial work regularly graces billboards around the globe.

His Directorial Debut, ANDINA, has been nominated for the ‘Best Music Video Award’ at numerous film festivals.

Mentored by the Iconic Fashion Photographer and Film Director Elaine Constantine, Rob has much experience and gained a great deal of knowledge working at the top level of the industry, and implements all of his skills to achieve the highest standard of work on all of his assignments.

Please see below a list of clients and collaborators Rob has worked with up to now:

Iggy Pop
Róisin Murphy
Q Magazine
GQ China
Steve Madden
Ted Baker
Peter Werth
Nutters of Saville Row
Mason & Sons
Saint Etienne


Rob’s Directorial debut ANDINA has been nominated for the Best Music Video Award at the Leeds International Film Festival, Birmingham International Film Festival and the British Urban Film Festival.

You can watch ANDINA in the Video section.

Film Work

See below a list of Film Productions Rob has worked on, shooting promotional material and on set images (Unit Stills):

Journeys End: Directed by Saul Dibb
The Ruins of Empires: Directed by Andy Serkis
Northern Soul: Directed by Elaine Constantine
Brotherhood: Directed by Noel Clarke
Final Score: Directed by Scott Mann
Pin Cushion: Directed by Deborah Haywood
Double Date: Directed by Benjamin Barfoot
Modern Life Is Rubbish: Directed by Daniel Jerome Gill
10x10: Directed by Suzi Ewing
Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back: Directed by Tom Edmunds
Ray & Liz: Directed by Richard Billingham
Been So Long: Directed by Tinge Krishnan
A Guide To Second Date Sex: Directed by Rachel Hirons
Pink Wall: Directed by Tom Cullen
Days of the Bagnold Summer: Directed by Simon Bird
Amulet: Directed by Romola Garai
23 Walks: Directed by Paul Morrison
The Power: Directed by Corinna Faith

Click on the link to visit Rob's IMDB Page: IMDB Page Link

D.O.P & Camera Operation

As a D.O.P and Camera Operator he has shot films and music videos for:

Iggy Pop
Steve Madden
Flair Italia
Vogue China

He has also edited pieces for websites such as NOWNESS & more.

Please visit the contact page if you would like to get in touch.